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Obama Sees America Wrong

Written 26 August 2008

Without the lines of his teleprompter, we often get to see the real Barack Obama. We get insight into the guy who usually finds some way slip in a negative comment about America. Sometimes it even happens with the teleprompter, but there is a pattern of skewed condemnation from him.

At one campaign stop, in response to a seven year old girl’s question about our nation, he replied, “America’s no longer what it could be, what it once was.”

Interesting perspective since it’s the very same liberal mentality and policies he espouses which have and continue to try and pull America away from the founding principles and beliefs which made it great.

If America is less than it once was, it’s because of the policies of his liberal predecessors which act as a political meat axe, cleaving away at the conservative Constitutional principles that ushered America to greatness.

If this country isn’t what it once was, it’s because of those who believe themselves to be “progressives,” progressively trying to drag America down.

In a way though, I agree with Barack Obama. This nation isn’t what it once was.

We used to value life in this country.

Americans used to actually care about the unborn and newborn infants. There was a time when we would have found reprehensible the practice of allowing them to die slowly in a cold, stainless steel surgical pan after being born as a result of a botched partial birth abortion. At the Saddleback Forum Obama said that America’s greatest moral failure was caring “for the least of these.” If a newborn baby struggling for life after being tossed aside isn’t “the least of these,” then who among us is? If he really lamented how America used to be, why does he support the death of infants in such a manner?

We used to value hard work in this country.

Weren’t we a better nation when it was okay to pursue the American dream, instead of demonizing those who have? Political rhetoric and public condemnation of those who have been successful coupled with a punishing progressive tax system that confiscates the fruits of ones labor are quite contrary to the American dream. If Obama really lamented how America used to be, why does he not only engage in this type of rhetoric, why does he also support punishing anyone who succeeds?

We used to want our troops engaged in a foreign conflict to win.

Remember World Wars I and II? America supported the troops by supporting the cause to which they had been committed. Whether we were driven by patriotism, nationalism, national security, or the cause, Americans rallied to victory. Now we have a group of people on the left who have advocated for America’s defeat through two major conflicts. If Obama really cared how America used to be, why did he vote for defeat and why does he belong to the crowd who believes it’s now okay to want our troops and our nation to lose?

It used to be okay to be religious in America.

Freedom of religion is one of the foundational principles of our nation. Judeo-Christian beliefs were woven into the very fabric of our society and done so in a skillful manner that also encouraged and protected the freedom of everyone to worship as they chose. It had been the glue that held us together and the moral compass that pointed us toward doing what’s right. But the liberal mentality has systematically attacked and condemned religion, pushing it out of people’s lives and certainly out of any public place. If Obama really cared about what made America great, why does he believe that Americans only “cling” to religion out of economic frustration?

There are pages that could be written with specific examples of the founding principles that made America great, where we’ve “progressed” to, and how Obama possesses the liberal position which is contrary to those founding principles.

At the end of those pages one would easily see where Obama is doubly wrong.

First, he is wrong with his policies. What he advocates are the very things which take away from America’s greatness.

Second, he is wrong about our country. It is still the greatest nation on earth, and most of us don’t need a teleprompter to say so.

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