Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do You Want Obama to Succeed?

That question misses the mark and the point of the argument.

If my 8 year old son is on the roof with wings he's made out of 2x2s and bed sheets, the question isn't whether or not I want him to succeed, it's how fast can I get on the roof and stop him?

I know he's not going to succeed, so I have to act. I'm not going to stand in the yard and cheer for him. I'm screaming for him to stop. I'm headed to the roof.

So it goes with Obama. The plan he's embarking upon won't succeed. His plan heads us toward the same disaster my 8 year old would encounter. Any success would come at the expense of why our country was established, what makes us great, and our freedoms. And still eventually leads us to failure, as we've seen with so many other nations that have pursued such a leftist path.

They all fail, as would my son, as will Obama's plan.

So when asked the question, "do you want Obama to succeed?" Simply reply, "he won't."

It's time to act!

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