Saturday, May 06, 2006

I Am unAmerican?

Originally published 26 February 2006

Since my return from Iraq, I have endeavored to speak publicly, every time I’ve been asked, about the truth of what’s happening in Iraq. I have also committed to writing weekly columns focused on the often unheard perspectives in support of our troops, our victory, patriotism, and all that is right about this incredible nation of ours. But, I found out that doing so made me un-American.

I assumed I was kind of a “lone ranger” out here with my speaking and writing and wondered if the military’s public affairs police would come shut me down since I was acting on my own, not under the auspices of any military group. I felt compelled to keep serving here at home if I wasn’t going to be fighting in Iraq. It turns out I wasn’t the only one who felt led to pursue the fight here at home. I learned there was a growing group, with chapters in several upper Midwest states with the same mission as mine.

Families United Mission is a group of veterans, Blue Star and Gold Star families who have come together in support of each other, our troops, the truth about the war on terror, and our victory in this war. They have worked with another group, Midwest Heroes, to produce two outstanding television commercials which can be viewed online at They stand full in the face of the inaccurate depiction of the war by liberal media sources and politicians, and also provide a view on sacrifice 180 degrees opposite Cindy Sheehan’s.

One commercial is comprised of veterans speaking about our success in the war on terror, especially in Iraq, and the continuing fight against al Qaeda. The second commercial focuses on “Gold Star Families” who discuss how proud they are of the ultimate sacrifice by their loved ones and their continuing support for our victory in the war on terror.

These commercials were aired in Minnesota by television stations willing to show them. Because the content of the commercials is critical of the erroneous reporting by the mainstream press, some stations were offended and refused to play them. I guess the truth hurt too much.

The worst part about all of this though, is that the leader of Minnesota’s Democratic Party, Brian Melendez, has publicly requested suppression of the ads by Minnesota TV stations (funny how liberals so often align themselves against anything positive about our military, the truth, and victory in the war on terror; why is that?). He urged all state Democrats to e-mail their TV stations and demand the ads not be shown. He went on to condemn the ads as being “un-American, untruthful, and a lie.”

Because Families United Mission and I share the same mission, by association of common goals and activities, I guess that also makes me un-American.

Which in turn begs the question, “how have we as a nation devolved to the point where fighting for this country, both here and abroad, support of our troops, and the support of America has in itself become un-American?” How much disdain do you have to have for your own country in order to incessantly condemn, suppress, and attack those very institutions and individuals who endeavor to preserve the very freedom you’ve been blessed with?

Do other Democrats around the nation share the position of their Minnesota brethren? Are the Minnesota Democrats now off the “I support the troops, but not the mission” bandwagon (and will the others follow suit)? By the actions and words of their leader, they certainly are; which is great. No more secrets; they have shown the facade of their “support,” shown themselves for what they truly are and what they believe. The “support the troops, but not the war” stance has always been an untenable position. It is not logical or philosophically defensible. Either you support those who fight for this country, which includes what they fight for, or you do not. Either you support what this country stands for or you do not. Either you stand against those who have attacked us and will attempt to attack us again, or you do not. Either you are patriotic or you are not.

In a November speech, Chuck Hagel said, “To question your government is not unpatriotic – to not question your government is unpatriotic.” But, when a group or individual’s questions aren’t really questions, but have instead progressed to statements of public condemnation of those who lead the fight, they become unpatriotic by supplying “PR manna” served on a silver platter for the confidence of our enemies. When a group as important as a state’s Democratic Party takes a stand against those who fight for this country and the families of those who support the sacrifice of their loved ones, they have become unpatriotic and un-American. When your position and definition for success becomes one which is married to the defeat of the United States in the Global War on Terror, it is you who have become unpatriotic and un-American, not those willing to persevere in their active support of this country, its defense, our victory and our freedom.

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