Monday, April 23, 2007

Bruning Polling Ahead of Hagel

From Jon Bruning's press release today, 23 April. Polling funded by Bruning's exploratory committee, completed by experienced, reputable polling firm.

Ballot 1

If Chuck Hagel decides he does want to pursue a 3rd term in the Senate, and the Republican primary election for U.S. Senate were held today between Jon Bruning and Chuck Hagel, for whom would you vote?

**Jon Bruning leads Chuck Hagle 47% to 38% statewide
**Bruning leads Hagel among conservatives 57% to 31%
Bruning leads Hagel among Republicans in Congressional District 2 (53% to 35%)
**Bruning leads Hagel among Republicans in Congressional District 3 (52% to 33%). Congressional District 3 represents 42% of the Republican primary vote

Bruning leads Hagel in Douglas County (Omaha) 54% to 34%
Bruning leads Hagel in the Lincoln-Hastings-Kearney media market 49% to 34%
Bruning leads Hagel in Lancaster County (Lincoln) 48% to 41%
Bruning leads Hagel in the entire Omaha media market 44% to 42%

Hagel leads Bruning in 3 GOP primary subgroups:
Congressional District 1 by 46% to 37%
Moderates by 46% to 37%
Liberals by 46% to 32%

Ballot 2

"Now suppose you learned that many Republicans here in Nebraska are dissatisfied with Chuck Hagel because of his unrelenting criticism of President Bush and for voting with liberal Democrats for a defense bill that calls for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq and is loaded with pork barrel spending. They are also upset that Senator Hagel has suggested publicly that impeachment of President Bush is an option, saying "You can impeach him. And before this over, you might see calls for his impeachment." Knowing this, if the Republican primary for U.S. Senate were held today between Jon Bruning and Chuck Hagel for whom would you vote?"

**Support for Jon Bruning increases by 8 points statewide while support for Chuck Hagel drops by 7 points - a 15 point net shift in the Attorney General's favor.
**Bruning leads Hagel in Congressional District 1 by 12 points (48% - 36%) and among moderates by 4 points (45%-41%). Only among liberals does Bruning trail Hagel (39% - 46%).
**Bruning widens his lead over Hagel in Douglas County (Omaha) 57% to 33%, Congressional District 2 (56% to 32%), and seniors 65+ (52% to 33%).
**Support for Bruning increases significantly among conservatives (63% to 23%), voters under 50 years of age (56% to 33%), those over 50 (55% to 30%), those in Lancaster County (Lincoln) 55% to 38%, the Lincoln-Hastings-Kearney media market (57% to 26%), the Omaha media market (50% to 35%), and Congressional District 3 (59% to 27%).

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