Monday, September 11, 2006

From the Islamists' Perspective

Although the life of jihad is a hard one, it is only momentary compared to the eternal rewards awaiting us in heaven. Meanwhile, we find many things to encourage us now during our fight against America.

We are thankful Allah has not allowed our enemy to throw the full weight of their nation against us. Had they done so, the overwhelming force may have prevented us from pursuing their slow, methodical demise. We are happy to hear their government talking of budget cuts for their military. We know from our experiences you can not do more with less, you can only do less. Otherwise we would be doing much more to defeat them.

It was a joyous time when their newspapers revealed the secret programs they were using against us. We were blessed by Allah. We were able to change our phone numbers, other means of communication, business transactions, and our infiltration plans. Some of their politicians made our joy complete when they argued those programs and their Patriot Act should be very limited, controlled in a public forum, or not exist at all. This will make the task ahead so much easier for us.

We read their newspapers and watch their news channels to see the hand of Allah at work. When they count the death of 500 of our Taliban brothers at the cost of 2 Americans as a loss for America, we know that god’s will is being done. When their leaders like Howard Dean come on television shows and publicly state the same thing, we are sure that victory is Allah’s will for us.

We are grateful to their politicians like Murtha and Hagel who argue for running away from us. That is the life blood of our cause – to break their will. And while breaking their will, it gives us the propaganda to recruit others, to show potential recruits America’s leaders won’t fight, we are winning. We use the words of their politicians to debate and attempt to demoralize their soldiers. We may lack the means to defeat them militarily, but we don’t need to defeat their military. When America’s leaders give their people reasons not to fight we are accomplishing our objectives and inching closer to the victory we wait patiently for Allah to deliver.

It is especially heartening to know so many Americans do not consider Iraq to be part of the war we wage against them. We have declared it so, but when Americans refuse to acknowledge Iraq as part of our fight against them, we know they will be too blind to see us until the sword of our cause is being held to their throat, god willing.

We do not fear capture by the Americans. Their laws prevent them from torturing us, we will suffer no pain. In fact, Allah has willed that we not even be allowed discomfort under their laws. We will have the rights of an American and protection of the Geneva Conventions even though we represent no country, only Allah. What is there to fear? We may live our lives in their prisons, but will die as martyrs, if Allah wills it.

We are not Al Qaeda, but we are thankful to Sheik Usama and our Al Qaeda brothers for their jihad and their endurance. We know there are many Americans who are solely focused on Usama bin Laden. Their words betray their belief that he is the only threat, defining success or failure by his capture or death. That ignorance allows all other warriors for Islam to operate without fear from America. If they think Usama and Al Qaeda are the only threat, then the rest of us are free to flourish under the blessings and protection of Allah, undisturbed, growing in strength and number. We are grateful for such foolish Americans who believe that Sheik Usama is our inspiration. We are not inspired by him we are inspired by Islam, Allah, and his prophet.

Although we are angered by America’s policies toward Israel, and they help us recruit others, it is still Allah who inspires us to fight, not those policies. The same holds true for the deaths of our Muslim brothers at the hands of America throughout the world. If American’s want to believe those things to be the root cause of our jihad, let them. That is yet another blind path upon which they will stumble until the day of their destruction. We wage holy war against them, not because of their policies, but because Islam mandates we destroy them. America and Israel are the Satan’s to be crushed, but all infidels throughout the whole world must bow before Allah or perish.

We watch the politics of America with much anticipation. We cheer those who say that George Bush is the cause of our hatred and without him America will be safe. We are thankful that Allah has given them short memories, that they’ve forgotten the history of our jihad and all the Americans we killed long before Bush. There is much rejoicing as the predictions show potential victory in their elections for those who want to run and hide from us. If they succeed we will face an even softer opponent, an America led by people who have so often argued against fighting us, and believe America’s policies are a bigger threat than we are. We pray to god their blindness will prevail so we can wage unchallenged jihad against them, disable their ability to operate in the world, and eventually slip right into their houses to destroy them.

We are happy that Americans have not turned to religion for the answer to their troubles. Our solid belief in Allah gives us the strength to persevere against an enemy much stronger than ourselves. Because so many Americans lack true religious faith they are unable to comprehend the depth of our faith or strength of our convictions, and are thus blind to the reasons for our fight and ignorant about how to fight us.

Our only fear is the momentary pain we will suffer if the American forces come knocking on our door. But we do not fear America. Why should we? It is a country divided by those who don’t want to fight us unless we’re on their doorstep. But that will be too late for them. And right now they are much louder than those who are willing to hunt and fight us wherever we may be. By god’s will, they are defeating America from within. So why should we fear?

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